Disorganized? Here Are A Few Tips to Take Control of Your Office


Everyone starts off with a clean desk when they first set up an office – papers in order, computer clean, documents properly filed away. Has it stayed that way? If the answer is no, you’re not alone, but if you think a messy workspace doesn’t hamper your performance, you’re wrong. Here are a few tips on how to declutter, re-organize and improve your workflow:

Get rid of what you don’t need

The first step to any spring cleaning (or summer, fall, or winter, for that matter) is to examine your office and decide what’s imperative to keep and what’s simply not. You don’t need that receipt from lunch last month, nor do you need to hold on to old order forms that have no bearing on daily operations. If you haven’t used it in months or it’s irrelevant to your business, pitch it.

The same goes for objects gathering dust or getting in the way of your workspace. Notepads you haven’t used in months, knicknacks you only politely accepted and paper calendars from last year should similarly be tossed out. After you’ve made more space on your desk, give it a proper wipe down – you’ll be amazed by how much better it will make you feel.

Separate work into different areas

Your work space doesn’t have to be limited to one cramped desk. Instead, spread out as much as you need. For example, you can place a file cabinet in the opposite end of the room, your computer on your desk and set up a bookshelf in a corner so you can easily reference binders and journals you’d like to keep up with over time. Consider this space a reference area to firmly plant its purpose in your mind.

You can then create a supply zone – a closet will do – in which you store another file cabinet full of documents from several years ago. Use this area to store extra office supplies, too – just because you order pens and Post-Its in bulk doesn’t mean you need them all in one place.

Don’t forget digital organization

Tech solutions have changed the way organizations do business, and for good reason. The right mobile app or desktop program can help you stay organized, allowing you to locate files in an instant, separate documents by season or client and keep your calendar in check.

Within moments, you can input meetings with dial in numbers, invite guests to attend and make sure everyone knows a gathering is coming up. You can also keep detailed to do lists and inspiration boards handy to make sure you’re thinking of the future at all times.

These tools are invaluable, but without the proper equipment for you and your staff, it’s not possible to stay on top of tech trends. Contact National Funding to find out more about equipment leasing and small business loans that may assist you in staying organized and improving your business.

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