How to Boost Organic Marketing Efforts for Small Businesses


There are countless ways to bring people to your website. Engage them on social media, pay for ads on search engines or even include QR codes in your print marketing efforts. While these are all excellent methods to drive traffic to your site, there’s one approach that may be more important than the others: organic marketing.

Organic marketing means driving┬ápeople to your site without using any sort of paid advertising. A consumer types a query into Google, Bing or another search engine, then clicks on a link to your site. This is called organic traffic, and it’s perhaps the most important kind of traffic you can bring to your website.

What makes organic traffic so much better than plain old paid traffic?

Highlights your value

Google’s goal is to help consumers find relevant information they can actually use. When a consumer types in a query, the search engine scours the web for results that are as closely related to the search as possible.

While consumers might not know the specifics of what Google and other search engines evaluate to produce search results, they do know that they’re trustworthy. Therefore, if your website comes up on the first page of a search, consumers are more likely to click on your site and look around for what they need, Jumpem explained.

Long-lasting results

Paid traffic is good at getting people to your website, but the results don’t last. If you don’t continue to invest in this mode of advertising or if your advertising doesn’t change, the benefits will begin to slow down. Plus, bounce rates for people who find your website through paid results are notoriously high, demonstrating that people don’t value a paid result as much as they do an organic one. When you bring in someone organically, they’re more likely to become a long-term customer, Search Engine Land explained.

Take control

It’s important to be in control of your messaging online. If you don’t, someone else eventually will, and it may not always be the message you want conveyed. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are excellent ways to take control of your online marketing. However, these platforms are constantly in flux, changing to benefit the consumer, Search Engine Land pointed out.

Evolving social strategies mean┬áthat your visibility could easily change without warning. This will inevitably cause your website traffic to take a hit, especially if these media are your primary source of traffic. But if you have invested the time and energy into organic search results, the effects won’t be as detrimental. People will still find your site they always did – through their favorite search engine.