08 05 2013

08 05 2013

The Importance of Credit Card Processing for Small Businesses

Credit card payments have become commonplace for many companies, but even over the past few years, small business credit card processing has gained in popularity and importance. Still, many entrepreneurs are resisting, worried about upfront costs and unsure over how to get in on the trend. A small business owner should consider the potential benefits of such a system before writing it off, however. Keep reading to find out why credit card processing is so important:

Ease of payment

As the saying in business goes, the customer is always right. While most small business owners would agree that this may not always be accurate, the idea remains true that in order to succeed in business, one must cater to the needs of a customer.

Over the past several years, the use of credit and debit cards has become widespread. Everyone from teenagers to retirees use plastic to pay for purchases, and most likely that isn’t going to change. Small business owners may be resisting the change, but when a customer walks into a shop without cash and sees that a business does not accept credit card payments, they’ll likely take their business elsewhere.

Instead, when a company offers the ability to use a credit card in their stores, customers will be able to shop regardless of the amount of cash they have on hand.

Another great benefit of credit card payments is the level of security guaranteed to both customers and small business owners. Credit cards are more convenient and reliable than checks – which may bounce – and a secure processing system can reduce the likelihood of fraud.

Open business to new markets

Investing in merchant credit card processing services is a smart move for a small business owner, because in addition to driving higher sales in a physical shop, accepting credit payments opens a business up to opportunities in many different markets.

If a small business is trying to establish an online presence, credit card processing is essential. Customers value being able to shop on a secure company website using their personal credit cards. E-commerce also opens up businesses to potential international customers, which is ideal for expanding operations.

If a small business owner is considering adopting new payment systems, they can come to National Funding for guidance. National Funding can provide an entrepreneur with merchant account services, information on business credit card processing and other small business financing issues.


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