Many Smaller Companies Taking Advantage of Larger Ones For Corporate Contracts


Even a slight difference in the size of your company can dramatically impact how you will do compared with others in your industry. According to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), businesses are hiring only .05 workers per company. This is in sharp contrast to the report by ADP, which showed record job growth. The difference between the two reports is that ADP only ranked companies of 50 employees or less, while the NFIB petitions businesses that are slightly larger.

In other words, smaller businesses are doing better than bigger ones. They are using the present time to expand their market share and grow.

One way for a small company to increase its market share is to work for a corporation on a contract. Big companies find that it’s cheaper to hire out their labor, and small companies find that working for large clients will increase their revenue and let them grow quickly, right from the beginning.

One such example is Treblig Inc, a machine-tooling company owned by Estlean Cook. They are 30 years old, and, according to the owner, wouldn’t have survived if they hadn’t found work with a major tire manufacturer.

“If we hadn’t, we probably wouldn’t have survived the first five years,” said Cook.

At first, it can be difficult to gain entry to the world of larger companies. There are roadblocks in the form of red tape that companies will set up as a kind of test, and they may want you to sign a contract. But the results can be very beneficial. If you have worked for one major company, it becomes easier to get work with other such companies.

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