Tips For Finding The Best New Hires For Your Business


Although you may have entered the business world as a lone entrepreneur without a partner or staff, the time comes for almost every business owner to expand operations and make a few hires. This is usually a positive sign – needing more employees often equates to increasing operations or moving into unfamiliar and exciting territory. Any small business owner who has delved into the world of human resources and hiring knows, however, that the recruitment process is far from easy, and finding top talent can be quite the challenge. Here are a few tips to help you hire effectively and efficiently:

Define the role

Before you dive headfirst into the hiring process, you need to decide what you need out of a hire. Are you looking for a computer programmer to help you develop a strong website, an operational manager to run a burgeoning office or a social media expert to deal with online requests?

Think of the specific duties the role will require and compile them into a list that will serve as the foundation of a job posting. Then add in the desired amount of experience you would like the ideal candidate to have, as well as less tangible qualities such as the ability to work well on a team or a high level of organization. You can then post this job listing to online recruiting websites such as and to reach a wide audience.

Develop a review system

Once you’ve crafted a job listing and posted it to job boards, it’s time to begin the review process. Decide whether you will evaluate each application as they filter through your inbox, or if you’ll set aside a couple of hours every week to sort through resumes and cover letters.

If you need a new hire quickly, it may be best to review each application as it arrives, but this can take up valuable time each day. If you’re looking to save time, try recruiting any other staff members you trust to help look for candidates.

Offer competitive pay

The best way to bring in top talent is to offer a desirable compensation package, including competitive pay, comprehensive benefits and strong paid time off options. Of course, offering high pay for each new hire is expensive, which is why small business loans from lenders like National Funding can be so beneficial. National Funding can provide companies with the small business working capital to help them succeed in hiring and other endeavors.

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