Attracting Consumers With Customer Testimonials


When it comes to making decisions in the marketplace, consumers follow the advice of their friends and peers. Knowing somebody else was satisfied with the service encourages consumers to trust an establishment. To businesses, these word-of-mouth transactions may seem out of their hands. But owners can actually spread praise themselves by posting testimonials on their web pages and advertisements. Quotes from satisfied customers are a powerful tool for small businesses to promote a successful reputation to the market.

Finding testimonials

Now, business owners may be wondering, where do I find positive quotes from customers? With the abundance of public conversation on the internet, finding a quote could be much easier than it looks.

Social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and TripAdvisor are loaded with conversations about businesses. A site-specific search or a general Google search could very well reveal mentions of your business. Free search tools like Social Mention returns all instances of a keyword with the option to sort by date. The tool also provides data like the percentage of positive, neutral or negative comments and more.

But before one scours the internet too far, he or she should make sure they’ve checked the more obvious places. If your business already has a social media page, see what people have posted on it. Check your email inbox for feedback from customers, but be sure to get their permission before quoting them publicly.

Showcasing reviews

The next step is to put the quotes on display for potential consumers to see. A website is a good place to start as updates can be posted instantly. This makes replacing or rotating the comments easy, which is a good practice. Keeping reviews fresh shows consumers that your business is praised consistently. It also shows that a business is connected to their customer base, and it may encourage others to send their feedback.

Posting testimonials is just one way to promote a trustworthy image of your business. Small business owners hoping for bigger results should consider a new marketing plan. A professionally designed website with an array of social media pages can help capture a bigger share of the market, but it will require an investment. A small business lender, however, can make acquiring the necessary funds simple. National Funding offers a variety of financing options that are fast and hassle-free. Interested business owners can visit National Funding’s Testimonials Page to learn more about small business lending and see examples of customer feedback.