Business Owners Go With Their Gut Over Tech, Study Finds


Business owners may be using technology every day, but when it comes to decision making, their instincts are still key, a new study has found. According to a report by gyro, a global marketing agency, and Time Inc.’s Fortune Knowledge Group, the majority of business owners surveyed said they trust their gut when making difficult decisions at the office.

Most leaders polled – 62 percent – said they generally trust their gut, and 61 percent said their own insights gleaned from real world experience outrank analytics during the decision making process. Furthermore, the “Only Human: The Emotional Logic of Business Decisions” report found 68 percent of respondents said the reward of following their gut in business is worth the risk of failing.

This is in line with further survey findings – the report noted that, of the 720 senior executives surveyed, 65 percent said they take subjective matters into consideration when approaching business from a new direction. Such factors include company values and culture, even as more information is available than ever. This approach may be slower, but many find it important in establishing not only best business practices, but also lasting partnerships.

“We’re so used to getting quick action on everything we do, and our world goes so fast,” said gyro CEO and Chief Creative Officer Christoph Becker. “This showed that business leaders want long term partners. They want to find someone they can trust and build with over time.”

Still, technology is vital in today’s competitive business market. While companies cannot rely on technology alone, having access to the right business equipment is essential. To gain access to the best IT equipment and other business materials without spending an inordinate amount money, contact National Funding to find out about leasing and equipment options and smart business practices.

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