Business Owners Making Big Investments in PC, Technology


Consumers aren’t the only ones upgrading and purchasing new technology at a rapid fire pace – business owners are prioritizing high tech investments as a vital part of running a successful company. A recent study conducted by Intel Corp. uncovered a surprising improvement to its financial forecast for the first time in five years. The reason? Business owners have taken to technology in a big way, and there are no signs of this trend stopping.

Intel projected its earnings for this quarter to surpass initial expectations by $700 million, sending its stock skyrocketing by nearly 7 percent on June 13 alone. While consumers at large have continued to purchase, business owners have found that tablets may not be their best business equipment option for carrying out daily company tasks. Rather, entrepreneurs tend to invest in desktops, which continue to grow in efficiency, speed and worth.

“Companies are realizing there’s a need for a productivity tool that’s different than just a tablet,” said Meg Whitman, chief executive at Hewlett-Packard, an industry leader.

Joe Fuller, chief information officer at Virginia based advertising and marketing firm Dominion Enterprises, echoed this sentiment. His company has increased capital expenditure on computers in the last year. However, Fuller told The Wall Street Journal he has purchased both desktops and tablets.

“We probably bought about 25 percent more machines this past year compared to the previous years,” Fuller told the source, emphasizing the need for a diverse range of tech options, including PCs and mobile devices. “People are getting both in many cases.”

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