Category: Finance & Lending


Category: Finance & Lending

Financing and lending are key to starting and growing a small business — whether it’s a construction company, a women-owned business, or a mom and pop shop. Get valuable information on small business financing, from loans to budget forecasting, and learn how to make it work for your business.

Small business equipment lease

Finance & Lending

Should You Purchase Or Lease Equipment For Your Small Business

There’s more than one way for your small business to get the equipment it needs to succeed. Buying and leasing are both viable options, depending on the unique factors of your enterprise and the financial considerations involved. Choosing between the two is no easy task. Here’s a look at how to choose whether to purchase […]

Find the right small business loan

Finance & Lending

3 Questions To Answer To Find The Right-Sized Small Business Loan

Many business leaders need financing of some sort sooner or later in the life of their company. This is a normal part of growing a business and making it profitable. However, that doesn’t mean the loan application process is something to blindly dive into. There are certain questions entrepreneurs need to ask themselves and their […]

Time to get a small business loan

Finance & Lending

When Is The Right Time To Get A Small Business Loan

Deciding to pursue a small business loan is one of the biggest decisions a company’s owner can make. With the right approach and a strong plan in mind for using the funds, a small business loan can help an organization strengthen itself and grow, moving upward in a competitive economy. Of course, choosing when to […]

Finance & Lending

3 Reasons Why A Small Business Loan Is Good For Your Business

There’s one fact of business that no small business owner can deny: Money is essential to stay operational. For business leaders who may be short on funds or in need of money to help invest in future growth for their company, a small business loan can provide the cash needed to get ahead. Many business […]

Small Business Payroll Loans

Finance & Lending

3 Situations Where A Payroll Loan Can Be Extremely Helpful

Running a business isn’t always easy or fun. There are times when keeping your company in the black is a real challenge. However, no matter what the obstacle a business owner faces, there are some responsibilities that should never be overlooked – like payroll. Paying your employees is must, no matter the situation. Unpaid employees […]

3 Different Types of Small Business Lenders

Finance & Lending

3 Types of Funding Options for Small Business Expansion

When you began your business, it was small; most are for the first few years. But now that you’ve gained customers and market share, you’re feeling it’s time to expand. This is a normal part of business life, yet a challenge for many small business owners. Expanding your business takes careful planning. Perhaps you need a new […]

Payroll loans

Finance & Lending

How A Payroll Loan Can Help Support A Small Business

Starting a small business is exciting and challenging at the same time. For many newly opened businesses in the U.S., the first one or two years will be filled with obstacles, but most will overcome them. However, many small businesses struggle to find continued success past their fifth anniversary. About half will close within five […]

Inventory loans for small busineses

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What You Need To Know About Inventory Loans for Small Businesses

If you’re running a business which brings in most of its income through sales of physical products you know that keeping the shelves stocked is an important aspect of keeping your operation healthy. That’s not always easy, though. Every business model has on- and off-seasons. A florist might see a large part of its revenue […]

working capital small business loan

Finance & Lending

What Is Working Capital: A Guide to Small Business Funding

As the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. When starting or scaling a business, you’ll need to invest in certain assets, like inventory, space or employees, before you start making a profit. But, before you begin putting money toward equipment, supplies or other needed purchases, it’s critical to understand your current financial […]

How to use a small business loan

Finance & Lending

5 Brilliant Ways to Use A Small Business Loan Successfully

Small business loans are a versatile and powerful tool for many different types of organizations to draw on as they stabilize, secure and grow operations. There are many different applications for a small business loan, from industry-specific uses to very broad ones. Here’s a review of some the most common and useful ways small business […]

Alternative lending benefits small businesses

Finance & Lending

3 Alternative Lending Situations That Benefit Small Businesses

Businesses strive to be different from one another. Whether its your products, your customer service or your convenience, you have at least one feature that’s your differentiator. But no matter how hard you try, there’ll always be one thing every business has in common: A need for money. Cash is the lifeblood that powers your […]

Finance & Lending

Business credit score 101

Understanding how a business credit score works is essential to managing your company’s finances.