05 31 2013

05 31 2013

CNN Poll: Small Business Owners Still Concerned About Economy

Even though recent indicators point to an improved national economy, many small business owners responding to a recent survey said they aren’t seeing the benefits of better business conditions. As such, the rising cost of business is forcing some to explore new avenues of financing to keep operations afloat.

According to an exclusive survey from CNN Money and online small business community Manta, 30.5 percent of responding small business owners cited the economy as the source of their greatest concern. Nearly 23 percent said rising costs weighed most heavily on their mind.

While one-third did note the economy is in a stronger position than it was this time last year, concerns regarding the recovery were still prevalent – perhaps because only 40 percent of respondents reported higher sales numbers.

Other factors that worry small business owners include regulations (16 percent), financing (10 percent), health care reform (8 percent), lack of time (7 percent) and finding skilled workers (6 percent).

While 63 percent did maintain that the United States is the ideal place to open a small business, the somewhat-improved business conditions haven’t had as much of an impact on their enterprise as wished.

“Business is too unstable,” one respondent said, according to CNN Money. “I can’t afford to hire anyone else at this point.”

Entrepreneurs who have been constricted in their ability to cover expenses or expand business because of the economic environment can look to National Funding for streamlined access to working capital and small business loans.


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