When It Comes To Cybersecurity, Businesses Can’t Rely On The Government


Cybersecurity has become a serious point of concern over the past few years, not only for individuals, but also for businesses around the world. While cybersecurity legislation has made its way into Capitol Hill discussions, not enough has been done to protect the privacy of companies or private citizens. As such, business and cybersecurity experts have emphasized that companies cannot rely on the government to protect their information from hackers.

A recent Forbes article pointed out the flaws present in current cybersecurity measures, recommending businesses take cybersecurity into their own hands in order to prevent expensive breaches. After attending the United States Cybercrime conference outside of Washington, D.C., Forbes contributor Marc Weber Tobias described his experiences and the state of cybersecurity across the U.S.

Companies need to take proactive measures to prevent data leaks

According to Tobias, cyberattacks can come from individuals, organized crime groups or nation states, affecting countless businesses each year. Additionally, cybercrime affects government branches and those in the private sector, targeting valuable financial and other information that can leave organizations vulnerable.

In order to combat these issues, companies must safeguard their private information proactively rather than defensively, protecting their companies and preventing breaches before they occur.

“There needs to be gathering and sharing of cyber threat intelligence, use of big data analytics and operational processes in place to take action,” Tobias said. “Entities need to continuously monitor and control access to networks. More agile security and risk management processes are required.”

Company decision makers need to make it a priority to gain access to business equipment that can help protect them from invading forces, focusing on processing and technology to prevent attacks. Businesses must also invest in personal development among staff, training employees to protect company information and to recognize the early signs that data has been compromised.

This is, of course, easier said than done. Not only do businesses need to focus on obtaining high tech devices to secure company information, they also must find a way to access business capital loans in order to finance these preventative measures. These upgrades do not come at a small price, making it difficult for entrepreneurs to effectively protect their businesses. Company leaders, therefore, should explore their equipment leasing options in order to reduce costs while maintaining a safe environment for sensitive company data. Leasing equipment, rather than buying upfront, can save a company money while allowing them to stay up to date with the latest in technology trends. To learn more about equipment leasing and other financial options, entrepreneurs should contact National Funding today.

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