Consumers Want More Personalized Marketing Across Channels


Email is a powerful tool that helps individuals connect instantly, but many businesses have yet to implement strategies to use email effectively, recent research has found. According to a study conducted by RSR Research, email is one of the most effective ways retailers can reach customers and widen their consumer base. Furthermore, the organization found that by using email appropriately, retailers can personalize their communications with customers, expanding in cross channel markets.

Although the vast majority of respondents said they understood the importance of email as a marketing tool, many have yet to implement an effective cross channel marketing plan that incorporates digital communications. One hundred percent of retailers surveyed said they “have plans” to introduce personalized, cross channel strategies, but just 11 percent said they felt they had already implemented any of these strategies.

“For retailers looking to create personalized communications with customers, email poses a much greater opportunity than many give it credit for,” said Nikki Baird, a managing partner at RSR Research. “And those who are not thinking about email as both a personalization tool and as a bridge between digital and physical are leaving an enormous opportunity on the table.”

There are distinct reasons why retailers have not taken the plunge into digital marketing. Approximately 49 percent of survey respondents said that they “can’t keep up” with the ways their customer base uses technology, making it difficult to implement a strong marketing and communications strategy. Skipping out on cross channel marketing is not an option, however, as the report further found that consumers say email is a “desirable communication” medium. Making it more difficult still is the fact that sending out emails alone is hardly enough. These emails should be mobile friendly, informative and enticing to bring in new business. In order to achieve success with digital communications, additional staff or training is often necessary, and unfortunately, with expansion come additional expenses. Company leaders can contact National Funding to get cash for business to help them stay on top of digital marketing trends.

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