Create An Email Marketing Campaign Your Audience Will Want To Read

Create An Email Marketing Campaign Your Audience Will Want To Read


Email marketing is a tried and true way to speak directly to your company’s biggest fans. If they’re on your email list, they’ve already connected with you in some way or another – perhaps they made a purchase, created an account or simply signed up for your newsletter. It is important to create a small business email marketing campaign that will engage and inspire click-throughs.

However, just because the people on your email list were once curious about your business doesn’t mean they’ll always feel that way. It’s important that they continue to find value in your company so they remain loyal and engaged.

Plan to create a small business email marketing campaign that will communicate the good traits of your company. A bad one can irritate or frustrate your audience, forcing them to seek out that unsubscribe button subtly located at the bottom of your e-newsletter.

Put your message up top

Your customers don’t have hours to spend reading your emails. They don’t even have minutes – the average person spends 11 seconds reading an email, according to data collected by Litmus Email Analytics.

That means that if your message is buried too deep, the reader will probably close the email without a second thought. Be sure the message you’re trying to convey is front and center. They shouldn’t have to scroll to see the point of the email.

Create an Email Campaign to Capture their attention

There’s a time and a place for plain text emails. Your email marketing campaign probably isn’t one of them.

Catch your reader’s eye to draw them in. Use graphics, video, GIFs and images in your emails to make them more appealing and fun. If you’re showing off a new product, a video or even a quick GIF can show how it’s used. If you’re talking about a recent event, pictures or montages from that day can make your readers feel included.

Make it mobile-friendly

How are your readers opening their emails? Chances are they’re checking their emails from their mobile devices – 88 percent of people do, according to a Pew Research Center report.

Make sure your emails are optimized for all types and sizes of devices. If you’re using a platform like Constant Contact or MailChimp that has themes to choose from, be sure to seek out a mobile-aware theme. When trying out a new theme or layout, do a trial run to make sure it shows up properly on a smartphone or tablet.

Craft the perfect subject line

The subject line is the very first impression your reader will have of the email. If it’s not engaging, sounds spammy or is just plain boring, your email probably won’t be opened.

The right subject line depends on the content of the email. Make sure the tone and style match: Don’t put a joke in the subject line of a serious or emotional topic.

Don’t make it too long. There’s only so much space in an inbox screen to display subject lines. If a subject line that doesn’t fit, it’ll get cut off, potentially affecting the message or hiding the main point of the email, Constant Contact explained.

Be sure to plan out preview text as well. Ideally, it’s some sort of continuation of the subject line. For example, if the subject of the email is a question, the preview text is the answer.

Email marketing campaigns can have a wonderful effect on loyalty and engagement. However, done wrong they might alienate potential customers and push your audience away. By making your email marketing campaign a positive experience for your readers, you can grow your audience and form a bond between you and your customers.