Small Businesses Focused on Growing Email Marketing Contact List


In a perfect world, every customer would come to shop at a small business of their own accord. However, the reality is far from that, and small businesses need to engage in quite a bit of marketing to get clients in the door or purchasing over the Internet. One popular method among small businesses is email, and as the focus on digital marketing continues to grow, owners and their campaigns may benefit from a tech upgrade through equipment leasing.

Majority constantly trying to grow list

According to a survey by Constant Contact, 57 percent of small business owner respondents said they are consistently active in adding contacts to their email lists. It’s become such a favorite among owners because of the effects of email marketing: 44 said they market through emails because it generates repeat business, while 39 percent said it helps build relationships with contacts.

“List growth, and the business benefits that come with it, are clearly on the minds of small business owners today,” said Christopher Litster, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Constant Contact. “They realize that engaging customers is a key aspect of both maintaining relationships and finding new ones – and one of the best ways to do that is through email marketing,.”

In regards to how businesses grow their lists, a lot of it happens in-store. Sixty-four percent said they will ask customers for email contact information directly, while 35 percent use a sign-up sheet. However, owners might need to upgrade their technology infrastructure, as email data collection increasingly moves online. Ninety-two percent utilize virtual sign-up forms, while 46 percent use social media, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to grow lists.

As small business owners continue to rely on email marketing, those who need help in modernizing their computer set-up in order to benefit from email can contact National Funding on equipment leasing that allows for easy upgrades and keeps entrepreneurs up to date.

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