Customers Want Straightforward, Simple Interactions With Brands


What do consumers want? The answer to this question is multifaceted: They want reliable products and services, exciting branding and, a new report has found, efficient communication with their favorite companies. A recent IntelliResponse survey found that while personalization is important to many customers, even more essential is reliable and effective customer service.

“Consumers want the ability to find the answers to their customer service questions, at the time and place of their choosing,” said CEO of IntelliResponse David Lloyd. “Companies need to empower their customers with self service channels that can instantly deliver the single, right answer to service questions and ultimately provide the efficient experience consumers are looking for.”

The study found 59 percent of consumers said they want quick communication options from companies, while just 24 percent of those surveyed said they prioritized personalization or a personal relationship with brands.

One of the ways to most effectively cater to customers’ needs is to adapt to mobile technology. Shoppers surveyed said mobile capability was one of their top priorities – approximately 60 percent said they “would rather use” a mobile customer service app than call and speak to a customer service representative on the phone, while millennials further emphasized the importance of gaining access to mobile service options.

Overall, the movement toward online communication over phone interactions was clear among the survey’s findings. Approximately 74 percent of those surveyed said they believe customer service information should be as available on a company website as it is when dialing a customer service line. Companies should take note of this opinion, as 68 percent of respondents said that, when looking for company information, they head to a company website first.

In order to cater to customers’ increasing digital and mobile needs, many companies are upgrading their company websites and investing in mobile technology. This is often easier said than done, however, as new technology can come at a hefty cost. Those interested in making upgrades should explore their equipment leasing options through lenders like National Funding.

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