Exploring Different Marketing Techniques Could Help Small Business Reach Out


Between equipment financing and leasing, marketing plans, and other strategies, small business owners are constantly on the hunt for ways to boost their bottom lines. According to one study, putting a greater emphasis on video may be the key to achieving this.

Survey results released by cloud video services firm Brightcove show that of 2,000 respondents, nearly a quarter (24 percent) said that video was their “most trusted” source of brand content. Forty-four percent said this was because video was the most appealing to them, while 29 percent described it as more authentic. Meanwhile, 28 percent said it was more engaging, and 10 percent said the fact that it was shareable made it their chosen source of content.

Small businesses should also know that more than one-third of consumers found video more memorable, with 36 percent more likely to tell friends and family about it and 30 percent saying they were more likely to become brand loyal.

“In order to keep up with today’s tech-savvy consumers, marketers need to truly understand the power of video in the marketing mix,” Steve Rotter, vice president of digital marketing solutions at Brightcove, said in a press release. “More and more, brands are starting to view video as an opportunity for engagement that sits at the heart of the marketing strategy – not just as an add-on. By delivering a high quality, relevant, and engaging video experience to end users, marketers can benefit from increased loyalty, higher brand engagement, more content sharing, and higher referral rates.”

Small businesses advertise constantly, from local television spots to coupons in the paper. So it makes sense to explore new avenues of attracting business, especially when data indicates video can be more of an attention-grabber than more traditional forms of marketing.

Small steps to big results

Incorporating video into a small business marketing campaign doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming affair. After all, signing up for a YouTube account is free, and posting videos to social networking sites like Facebook doesn’t cost a dime.

Say you own a cafe. There are likely a million things running through your mind on a daily basis, from ordering ingredients to exploring restaurant equipment lease options. However, making a quick video showing off the day’s specials or detailing upcoming promotions could be an effective and efficient way to generate customer interest.

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