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11 11 2014

Leasing Can Give Retailers A Boost This Holiday Season

11 11 2014

Equipment Leases Could Give Retailers The Boost They Need Over The Holidays

Consumers aren’t the only ones expecting a holiday rush – all the more reason for owners to consider the benefits of equipment leasing during this time of year.

A recent study from BDO USA found U.S. retailers predict a 4.1 percent increase in overall holiday store sales.

“Sales gains have been uninspiring this year, but retailers have pushed through, and there’s confidence in the air as they gear up for the make-or-break holiday season,” Doug Hart, partner in the retail and consumer product practice at BDO USA, said in a media release. “To execute on this confidence, retailers need the right mix of attractive new products and enticing deals to loosen the purse strings of skittish consumers. Expect to see an even longer season this year, with heavy promotions from November through January.”

However, in order to maximize on increased consumer spending, small business owners may need to invest in their IT infrastructure and technological strategies.

A recent survey from MailChimp found 100 percent of all small business respondents said they planned to use email marketing as a tool to increase holiday sales during 2014. Ninety percent of owners said they email special offers to customers and prospects around the holidays, while 77 percent send emails regarding new products.

Meanwhile, IBM’s latest Digital Analytics Benchmark and Quarterly Retail Forecast stated online sales are projected to increase 15 percent over the five-day period between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. Mobile browsing was cited as a major driver for online shopping, forecast to account for 48.2 percent of all online traffic over the five-day period.

“Without question, this will be a strong holiday shopping season, supported by the power of Big Data and analytics, which are helping brands better understand their consumers and make crucial decisions in real-time,” said Jay Henderson, director of strategy at IBM ExperienceOne.

Investing in the right equipment

Small business owners looking to capitalize on these trends may need to invest in new equipment, such as computers and IT infrastructure that can support mobile shoppers, online marketing and business analytics.

For businesses that may not have the funds to purchase this equipment outright, different types of equipment leases exist to help. Not only can these options give business owners the tools they need, they can help them save come tax time thanks to special deductions under Section 179.

In short, turning to equipment financing could be a win-win for retailers this holiday season.


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