The Future of POS Tech-Savvy Systems For Millennials


Your point-of-sale system is one of the biggest touch points inside your retail space or restaurant. A quick, effective and secure transaction goes a long way toward reinforcing positive feelings about your business and ends each encounter with a customer on a high note.

Of course, not all POS systems are created equal. Some offer new or different features that make them more agile and effective. This is an especially important consideration to make when dealing with one of the largest demographics out there: millennials.

What do millennials want out of a POS system?

Few young adults will be able to answer a question about what they want out of a POS system directly. However, if you present certain features or functions to them, they’ll be more likely to hold an opinion.

One consideration to make, shared by technology and information consultants The Answer Company, is how millennials research products and make pre-purchase decisions. In many situations, this group of shoppers will arrive to a retail store already armed with information about a potential purchase. In these instances, it makes sense to use a more mobile POS system, like one installed on a tablet or smartphone.

Installed for self-service checkout, this approach cuts down on lines and also allows the POS system to serve as an informational and marketing tool when not in use. In the hands of staff members, the POS represents the end of a journey marked by individualized attention throughout the customer’s visit.

Similar considerations arise around the use of POS systems in restaurants. One factor to consider, as highlighted by POS provider Focus, is the speed with which many millennials want to complete transactions. That’s especially true for takeout orders. A POS solution that makes it easy and quick to place an order, review it and pay is an asset when interacting with these customers. Another element to consider is the display of order information, either through the POS infrastructure or through an additional screen.

Millennials aren’t that different from other generations – they’ll purchase many of the same items and spend their money. The key is tapping into their desires, like quicker transactions in some instances and more personal ones in others, to give them positive experiences that leave a lasting impression.

If you’re considering a new POS system but can’t afford the fixed cost all at once, consider a business capital loan to smooth the path.

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