07 22 2014

07 22 2014

Getting Resourceful: 3 Tips For Using Your Skills to Strengthen Your Business

More often than not, you have to think outside the box to succeed as an entrepreneur, and this success is about more than having a great product or service – you have to stay fresh and deliver what consumers really want to thrive. Fortunately, you have the skill set necessary to improve your company in a variety of ways, and if you get resourceful, you can take your company to new heights. Here are a few tips for getting resourceful and making the most of your time:

1. Keep dreaming

Just because you’re focused on surviving day to day doesn’t mean you should stop dreaming. In fact, allowing yourself to think big and make long term plans can keep you on your toes and help you get ready to tackle any challenges that come your way. Alex Winter, CEO and founder of Placemeter, told Mashable about the importance of thinking big in business.

“Don’t trade your ambitions for leanness,” Winter said. “Be resourceful and scrappy, but keep aiming high.”

He continued by saying that business owners should be wary of what they accept as success – instead of settling for what you have, strive to do more.

2. Make smart hires

A good business needs strong staff, and that doesn’t just amount to hiring qualified and well educated employees. Because small businesses often operate in tight quarters and focus on company culture, it’s important to find staff members who understand you, your existing employees and your business’ mission statement. Alexa Hirschfeld, cofounder of Paperless Post, expanded on this topic.

“Never compromise on the quality of a new hire in a small company,” Hirschfeld told Mashable. “If need be, contract with super talented people who you can’t hire yet to get to know them. Recognize that skill comes first and personality comes second, but if the personality is wrong, still don’t hire someone.”

3. Explore your financing options

While hiring smart staff members that fit into your company culture is important, finding the funding to take on new hires can be difficult. Your dreams, too, may be bigger than your budget, which can be problematic when trying to expand.

Approach funding logically, and thoroughly explore your resources. One option for obtaining the small business working capital you need is to contact lenders like National Funding. National Funding offers ease of access to entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in business, and offers everything from small business loans to equipment leasing and financing.


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