11 30 2016

11 30 2016

How To Apply For A Small Business Loan

Small business owners who find it difficult to get small business loans from traditional lenders, like banks, may find it easier to acquire a business loan from an alternative lender, like National Funding. Learn how to apply for a small business loan.

Video Transcription

Applying for a business loan can be an intimidating and complicated process.
Traditional lenders have a history of playing favorites, and require heaps of paperwork, such as:

  • Credit history or credit score of the parties applying
  • All financial statements
  • Tax Returns
  • Financial Reporting
  • Projections for at least a year
  • And much more

This leads to confusion and delays of your business loan with little chance of approval.

Over the headache and rejection? National Funding is here to help!

Why borrow from us?

National Funding makes it easy to fulfill your dream and get the financing you need by providing loans for small businesses that do not meet the incredibly high standards set forth by traditional lenders. What makes us different is:

  • A simple and fast process
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Use the loan for any business purpose
  • And it’s easier to qualify for than loans from traditional lenders

National Funding offers:

  • Loans up to $500,000
  • Loans requiring no collateral
  • An early payoff discount
  • And potential tax savings

Get Started Today!

Call National Funding at (888) 733-2383 or apply for a small business loan today! That’s it!
Same day approvals, receive your funds in as soon as one business day.


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