Improve Meeting Efficiency With These Tips


Whether you’re meeting to discuss employee engagement, your access to small business working capital or to address a particularly tricky client, as a small business owner, your time is precious, and you probably already know that far too much time is wasted in meetings. Here are a few ways to regain your time and make the most of each workday:

Set an agenda

Even if you have the same review meeting every Tuesday, set an agenda ahead of time so all participants know what to expect from the gathering. Send out an email to each attendant at least an hour before the meeting begins with a few bullet points outlining what will be discussed.

You can also pose a question, asking that each member of your team comes in ready to pitch new ideas. For example, you can ask team members to come in with ideas regarding improved budget use and ways to save the company money. When you’re ready to ask the question in the meeting, people will be ready to answer.

Start on time

It’s not uncommon for meetings to start a few minutes late, and while five minutes here and there may not seem like much, each moment matters in business, and running behind is not good for anyone’s schedule. It is important, therefore, to impose strict rules about starting and ending meetings on time.

If your meeting starts at noon, everyone should be in attendance at that time, rather than strolling in at 12:02. If you find it difficult to get everyone situated by a certain time, simply begin presenting at noon on the dot. No one likes walking into a meeting that’s already started, so they should recognize their mistake and make a point to be on time for the next meeting, helping you run each event more effectively and efficiently.

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