How To Increase Visibility For Your Off The Beaten Path Shop


It’s a challenge for most business owners to get the exposure they need to run a successful enterprise, and even more so for those who have shops that are off the beaten path. Rent is usually high in popular areas and not everyone can afford to work in the middle of a busy shopping district. That begs the question, then: How can you get your shop noticed if it’s out of the way?

1. Promote online shopping

While a brick and mortar store may be the cornerstone of your business, if you want to draw in and retain customers, it’s important to integrate technology into your daily operations. Whether you’re selling vintage clothing, medical supplies or car parts and accessories, online shopping is an option customers want.

Today’s consumers desire the freedom to make purchases online, placing orders in an instant. Online shopping can not only bring in revenue through purchases made on a company website, but may also help draw in more foot traffic. If a customer likes what they see online, they’re more likely to take a trip to your shop, too.

Of course, this means you’ll have to set up a dynamic website that encourages online shopping on desktops, tablets and smartphones, which can be an expensive endeavor. Business owners should check out the reasons to lease from lenders like National Funding to see how they can save on the latest in technology.

2. Increase advertising spend

If your shop is well out of the way of high traffic areas and shopping centers, you’re going to need to focus on advertising to bring in new business. Many entrepreneurs advertise online through pay per click (PPC) ads, which charge you only when your ad is clicked by an online user. An added benefit of this type of advertising is that it’s easy to track how well your ads are working – with PPC advertising, you’ll know exactly how many people took the time to explore your ads.

You can also offer coupons and online deals through email marketing campaigns, targeting current and potential buyers via direct messaging. Many business owners take more traditional routes as well, promoting their brands through street advertisements and fliers they post around town.

No matter the advertising avenue you take, the point is that you need to be seen to make money, which is why advertising spending is so important. Of course, if you’re struggling to be seen in the first place, you may need a little help with funding. Consider approaching alternative lenders to gain access to a small business working capital loan that you can put toward new advertising.

3. Start a company blog

If you want to draw in new customers that may otherwise have missed your shop on the street or online, consider starting a company blog, and be sure to focus on search engine optimization to draw in buyers.

Blog posts about your services are a great start, but think about what people really want to see when they go online. Say, for example, that you sell camping and outdoor living gear. Instead of writing a blog post detailing the specs of a particular tent, write an article about the equipment you’ll need to have a successful camping trip. That way, when people search for camping tips and tricks, your blog will show up high enough in a Google search to bring in new customers. Blogs also help companies brand themselves effectively, giving a company character and voice.

Those interested in exploring their financial options to increase brand presence and bring in new customers should contact National Funding today.

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