Keep Your Business Safe With These Data Security Tips


As companies continue to head online to manage business operations, data security has become an increasing concern. After a slew of high profile data breaches over the past year, more businesses are focusing on data privacy and security. Here are a few tips for keeping your business safe from hackers:

Train staff to protect data

Your staff are the first line of defense against hackers. Make sure employees use protected accounts with complex and unique passwords. The more common the password, the easier it will be for individuals to find their way into your systems.

Similarly, make sure staff know how to protect information when working on their own devices. For example, while particular employees may make a habit of checking their work email on their smartphone, they should be told to avoid opening certain documents or spreadsheets when on these mobile devices in order to ensure data security. Furthermore, train staff to recognize unsafe emails that may come from hackers.

Invest in the right equipment

A highly trained staff alone cannot prevent data breaches. If you’re currently using outdated software and technology, you’re positioning your business as a prime candidate for hacking. Technology is always changing, which means that a computer that may have served well even just a couple of years ago may now be woefully out of date. The longer a piece of technology has been around without updates, the easier it will be for criminals to gain entry to private business information.

Make a point to stay on top of tech trends and keep an eye out for IT improvements as they are released. Consistently upgrading tech equipment can be pricey, making it difficult for many small business owners to access. If you’re interested in protecting your company from data breaches, contact National Funding to find out more about IT equipment lease options.

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