Loan Rates Decline in First Quarter 2013


Loan growth fell in first quarter 2013, even among the nation’s largest banks and financial institutions. According to a study conducted by SNL​ Financial, loan growth declined by 1.91 percent from fourth quarter 2012. Despite evidence that large banking institutions have room for growth, lending fell across the board.

Median loan growth at high-ranking banks fell by an average of 3.24 percent from fourth quarter 2012, the data showed. This 3.24 percent decline happened among banks with gross loans to asset rates greater than 30 percent. This is bad news for companies and individuals who need small business loans or extra cash to make ends meet and to expand business practices.

In addition to the downslide in lending at large institutions, some of the most significant drops took place at smaller banks, signifying a decline in lending across much of the financial sector. Smaller companies claim larger banks are denying loans in an attempt to propel bidding wars to gain new credit.

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