Marketing Advice For Auto Mechanics: Mobile Apps


Mobile devices give consumers the advantage of finding services on the go. This is especially helpful when it comes to emergencies like car trouble. Having a smartphone with network capabilities could help a troubled motorist quickly locate auto repair services. However, mobile users will only find those who appear on their apps. Services without an online presence could be invisible. Thus, auto mechanics hoping to take advantage of the mobile browsing market should consider taking some steps to enhance their marketing.

When they need to find a business, many consumers turn to location-based review websites such as Yelp or Around Me, according to Small Business Trends, and many users search these websites from their mobile devices. Because quality, pricing, and timeliness can vary widely amongst repair shops, consumers might follow reviews extensively when looking to fix their car. Creating a profile on these review services can be of enormous help for auto shops. Having a steady stream of positive reviews is even better. Politely encouraging customers to write reviews could go a long way to establishing a strong business reputation.

Two new services – Repairjungle and Repairpal allow users to receive estimates from their phones, according to Small Business Trends. So even the troubled motorist desperate to fix his or her car has room to be picky. Mechanics should consider joining the services and be sure to highlight their strengths. Advertising low estimates for certain repair jobs will draw the attention of mobile users.

With both the marketing landscape and art of auto repair becoming more technological, well-established shops may find themselves falling behind without an Internet presence. Such owners should consider developing new marketing strategies. They may also want to consider investing in digital diagnostic equipment and other upgrades. For both these needs, a small business lender can provide a quick and simple loan. National Funding requires minimal paperwork and offers fast approvals.

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