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07 16 2014

07 16 2014

Marketing Advice For Today’s Small Business Owners

Brand management, communication, social media and advertising are all integral components of a strong marketing plan, but they’re just the beginning if you’re trying to overhaul the way you’re getting the word out on your business. Here are a few tips on how to get your marketing campaign off the ground:

Invest in the right services

You don’t have to invest in every marketing opportunity that comes your way, and depending on your budget and access to small business working capital, it may not be realistic to spend money on mobile ads, online marketing campaigns, billboards, banner ads and radio spots.

Instead, consider your target audience and how best to reach them. If you work with millennials, for example, banner ads on Facebook and an investment in mobile technology may be your best bets. On the other hand, if you market primarily to seniors, a direct mail marketing campaign may be wiser.

Work with a well-rounded team

If you’re not a marketing expert, it may be time to call in a team of professionals. By outsourcing your marketing strategies to highly trained professionals, you can work with leaders in the field to help your company succeed. All marketing companies are not the same, however, which means you’ll need to vet an agency before beginning a partnership.

Find a winning team that communicates well, comes up with fresh ideas, takes your opinions into account and pushes you to think outside the box. There are plenty of great marketing firms out there – you just have to find the one you’ll work with best.

Stay relevant

A good marketing campaign helps your company stay in the spotlight, whether that’s through creating shareable blog posts, interacting with customers on Twitter or Facebook or coming up with thought provoking ads that get people talking. In order to stay front and center, you have to find ways to stay relevant and on top of the latest trends.

Anytime you come out with a new product or are offering a deal on a service that competitors can’t keep up with, use it as an opportunity to spread the word about your business.

While finding a smart team and investing in the right services are the keys to marketing success, they can also be expensive. Contact National Funding today to find out more about a business cash advance, small business loans and other financial options.


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