Lack of Mobile Marketing Expertise A Challenge For Business Owners


Mobile use has expanded greatly over the past several years, which has led to an increase in mobile marketing among business owners. Despite the undeniable popularity of mobile devices across the globe, many entrepreneurs are still struggling to grasp the technology and utilize it to their benefit, a new study has found. According to a survey conducted by Ascend2, a lack of understanding of mobile technology is the top mobile marketing challenge entrepreneurs face.

The Mobile Marketing Benchmark Summary Report, which polled business owners from around the globe, found that 38 percent surveyed said their No. 1 challenge to mobile marketing success was a lack of in-house expertise among staff. This has resulted in a boom in outsourcing for mobile marketing endeavors – 19 percent of respondents said they outsourced mobile marketing services, and 50 percent said they used a combination of in house and outsourced resources to carry out mobile marketing campaigns. Just 31 percent of respondents said they handle mobile marketing by using in house resources exclusively.

A lack of in-house expertise may also be contributing to the relatively small number of business owners who employ mobile marketing at all – just 42 percent of marketers surveyed said they currently use market to mobile users. The same percentage said they plan on initiating mobile marketing efforts in the future.

Others noted that their main obstacle toward achieving mobile marketing success was financing – 36 percent of respondents said budget limitations were hampering their chances of success, and 21 percent said they lacked a mobile website at all. As mobile marketing becomes more prevalent in the digital age, business owners will need to focus on creating robust marketing campaigns, prioritizing mobile adaptation. This can, however, prove challenging when it comes to financing. Those interested in finding out more about small business loans and other financial options should contact National Funding today.

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