3 Mobile Marketing Myths For Small Businesses


When it comes to expanding your business and growing your consumer base or online presence, marketing can make or break your success. However, not all business owners know how to improve their marketing strategies, especially since more Americans are using their mobile phones for just about everything these days. With small business working capital for operational decisions and marketing, it is possible to grow a business. Here are some of the top small business marketing myths you should know and avoid for mobile marketing:

Businesses don’t need to move to mobile sites

This year, more people across the globe have a smartphone than ever before. According to WebDAM, one in seven people in the world have a smartphone, with about one in four web searches being conducted on these devices. With so many users utilizing cell​phones to visit web pages, it’s essential that businesses optimize their websites to function with mobile phones. Users who view a website on their phone are less likely to return to it if the site isn’t easily navigable on a phone.

All businesses need is an app

While it’s true that some apps can boost customer base and business, it’s not the ideal solution for all companies. In fact, some businesses may not even benefit from an app. However, it is a good idea to approach the mobile experience from several angles. For instance, a business should optimize its site, explore text messaging options and smartphone apps to see which, if any or all, could be beneficial to followers and consumers.

More content is best

While it is true that businesses need to keep a sustained presence online to attract new followers or readers as well as to retain the ones they have, more content isn’t always best if quality or relevance suffers. In fact, too much content can actually backfire and be less valuable to an audience.

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