Survey: Mobile Small Businesses Are More Productive


Mobile devices have become crucial tools for small businesses. Smartphones and tablets have proven to be indispensable in nearly every area of the business. For entrepreneurs looking for a boost in productivity, look no further than mobile devices – which can be obtained through the help of an equipment leasing company.

Mobile workforce leads to better performance

According to a global survey of small businesses conducted by Citrix, a cloud software company, 18 percent of responding entrepreneurs said they had achieved productivity gains of at least 30 percent after enabling their workforce to work remotely through mobile devices.

While mobile workforces are quickly becoming the norm in today’s business world, the survey also revealed that despite mounting concerns about data privacy and protection, just 26 percent of small businesses in the U.S. had a “bring your own device” policy or IT system in place to manage employees’ devices used for business purposes.

Forty-five percent of respondents said social collaboration improves meeting productivity and 55 percent said business use of personal devices makes life easier for employees.

“It’s great to see a ‘work anywhere, with anyone’ environment delivering such big improvements in productivity …” said Brett Caine, senior vice president and general manager for online services at Citrix. “However, it’s a concern that two-thirds of businesses overall still don’t have the tools and processes to control remote access to their corporate networks.”

Overall, 34 percent said they feel more pressure to mobilize their workforce than they did five years ago, with 29 percent saying employees are the greatest advocates for such a change.

In order to equip their employees and their businesses with the right tools, entrepreneurs can consult with an equipment leasing company like National Funding on the best options for upgrading their technology infrastructure.

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