05 08 2013

05 08 2013

Mobile Technology, Social Media Valuable to Small Businesses

Small business usage of mobile technology such as laptops and smartphones has grown remarkably in the digital era. According to a survey conducted by Sage North America, four out of five small business owners claimed mobile devices had a positive effect on employee productivity and performance.

In addition to improving efficiency, social media capabilities of mobile devices have driven the mounting support for such technology. In a recent joint survey by The Wall Street Journal and Visage International, six out of 10 small business owners said social media tools are beneficial to their future growth.

Of the social media giants, LinkedIn was perceived as most valuable, beating out the likes of other heavyweights including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube; 41 percent of respondents said it posed the most value to their business.

“We gained a great deal of new followers and engaged in some great conversations [using social media], driving users to our website,” Emily Burns Perryman, Freed Maxicks e-marketing communications specialist, told The Wall Street Journal.

Given the growing prevalence of mobile devices in the market, 49 percent of businesses in the Sage survey said they implemented a “bring your own device” policy. Still, 69 percent said they would continue to supply their employees with devices.

Small businesses looking to take advantage of the benefits of mobile business technology can look to alternative lenders like National Funding that specialize in business equipment leasing options or merchant cash advances.


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