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05 19 2014

05 19 2014

Mobile Use Boosts In Store Shopping

Mobile shopping and the in store experience don’t have to work against each other, a new study has found. In fact, a recent Gallup poll reported, mobile usage and in store experiences often work with one another, with mobile use in particular boosting in store sales. According to the survey, which polled consumers across the U.S., 22 percent of respondents said that mobile use had played a part in increasing their in person shopping and spending, and said that as a result of mobile use, they visited retail shops more frequently.

A separate study released by Deloitte in April 2014 showed there is a significant relationship between mobile use and retail sales. In particular, the study noted the impact of mobile use on shopping when a mobile device was used prior to visiting a brick and mortar shop. According to the study, mobile usage helped convert approximately $593 billion worth of in person U.S. retail sales in 2013. This figure accounts for around 19 percent of all sales made in brick and mortar locations, and was up significantly from $159 billion converted in 2012.

Mobile use was seen to improve sales across sectors, making this technology highly desired among business owners. When a company creates a mobile friendly website, incorporating the latest in technological upgrades, they can increase their potential sales numbers as well. Obtaining the right business equipment, however, can be challenging, as costs can add up quickly. It seems each year there are new upgrades to technology, outstripping and outdating previous models. Rather than pay large upfront costs for new tech devices, company owners can talk to National Funding about loans for equipment. Leasing rather than buying helps company owners save on costs while staying ahead of competitors.