National Funding Announces New Broker Services Division


National Funding, one of the country’s largest private lenders of small business loans, has expanded its business to include Broker Services to fund loans secured by independent sales organizations across the country.

After 15 years of exclusively underwriting its own agreements, National Funding is extending its capabilities to brokers. The company has seen a strong interest in the new Broker Services division, and anticipates high growth from the new offering.

“National Funding started as a broker, so we have a deep understanding of this market. We know that it is important to structure deals correctly with quick turnaround time, and to provide fair compensation for the brokers,” said David Gilbert, Founder and CEO of National Funding. “Through this offering, we will be opening up our services and providing even more options to a larger field of small business owners.”

By working directly with brokers, National Funding is expanding its overall network and enhancing its already competitive portfolio of lending services to companies such as Clear Skies Capital, a provider of financial consulting services to mid-market private company shareholders.

“Working with National Funding’s loan program has changed the way we approach the business with each of our clients. When we are issued an approval, we have the confidence that we are presenting the best offer available to the business owner. Completing the loan process is fast and easy, which helps our clients get the money when they need it, without having to jump through a bunch of extra hoops,” says Jeff Thon of Clear Skies Capital.

Bob Anthony, who has been with National Funding for nearly five years in positions of increasing leadership and responsibility, will lead the division in his new role as Director of Broker Services. His experience has given him a unique understanding of what issues are most important to a sales organization in the industry, and he will play an integral role in helping National Funding succeed in this new market.

“Since I joined National Funding in 2011, I have seen the lending business grow and adapt,” said Anthony. “That experience has assisted me in the development of our services. I know that the key to success in our space is to make the lending process as quick and easy as possible, not only for the customer, but also for the sales organizations working on the deals.”