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05 22 2013

05 22 2013

National Funding Hires Six New Sales Reps for Working Capital Division

On May 6, 2013 small business financial services company, National Funding, hired six new sales representatives for its Working Capital Division.

San Diego, Calif.  May 22, 2013 — On May 6, 2013 small business financial services company, National Funding, hired six new sales representatives for its Working Capital Division. This is the second wave of hiring this year in this division. The hiring is an indication of the need for small business alternative lending and supports National Funding’s continued rapid expansion begun last year.

As of February 2013, traditional banks had only approved 16 percent of all applications for small businesses. During the same timeframe, alternative lenders approved 63.7 percent of all loan applications for small businesses. 2013 is shaping up to be the year for small business funding.  National Funding recently released an infographic titled “Why 2013 Is The Year For Small Business Funding.”

Sales reps are selected based on their previous experience in the industry and their commitment to helping small businesses grow and succeed. The Working Capital Division specializes in financing for inventory, materials and equipment, as well as extra funds for use at the discretion and timing of the business owner. Reps work with customers to tailor a loan that meets their needs and budget. They handle the paperwork and walk the customer through loan process.

Dave Gilbert, CEO and founder, is excited about the future. “We have seen a continued increase in demand from small business owners that need working capital to run their businesses.  The economy is expanding, but the traditional source of lending for small business has dried up as the banks have gotten more conservative. Business owners turn to us for the cash they need to run their business.”

National Funding has plans for more hiring during the year. It expects to double its sales force by June 2014. “The economy runs in cycles, and we’ve come out of a particularly bad one. It’s the right time to take advantage of the opportunity the marketplace is providing us.  Whenever we put on new sales people, we see a jump in our business. I have great hopes for this next wave of our working capital reps,” adds Gilbert.

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About National Funding

National Funding, formerly FPC, is a full service financial services company for small to medium-sized businesses nationwide. It provides working capital loans, equipment leases, merchant cash advances, and credit card processing. National Funding serves a wide diversity of businesses including, but not limited to: trucking, restaurants, automotive repair, construction, excavation, multimedia, manufacturing, telecommunications, printing, packaging, waste management, and more. Visit


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