National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day – March 29th


Statistics from the federal government show about 28 million mom and pop businesses exist across the U.S. That number is all the more impressive when the number of large businesses – those with more than 500 employees – is taken into account. With fewer than 20,000 of these larger companies in operation, it’s not an exaggeration to say mom and pop businesses are backbone of the country’s economy.

The crucial roles filled by small businesses sometimes aren’t apparent to those who work at larger companies or have simply never considered them. That’s an important part of the reason why National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day exists, providing a time for the community at large to recognize the small businesses in their community and beyond.

When will it happen?

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day occurs each year on March 29, according to the National Day Calendar. It’s intended purpose is to put the spotlight on the small businesses that employ so many people in all 50 states and play a major role in communities large and small. It also pays tribute to all of the long hours and hard work that go into starting a mom and pop business and keeping the doors open. The date doesn’t change from year to year, so you can keep marking it on your calendar and in your marketing plans without worrying about it shifting.

What can your small business do to participate?

As the Business Journals pointed out, the day is an opportunity for small businesses – and even the larger ones that partner with them, like GrubHub – to stand out and, ideally, pick up additional sales. How can you get involved? There’s no single strategy to guarantee great returns, but raising awareness and working with other small businesses close to your own to do so can lead to effective customer engagement.

A good place to start reaching out to customers is social media. The National Day Calendar said the hashtag frequently used to promote the event is #Mom&PopBusinessOwnersDay. Using this tag and making posts in the days leading up to the event will serve as a reminder to customers. You can also consider offering a special promotion or deal for the day, giving patrons another incentive to stop by.

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