National Small Business Week Kicks Off May 4


For owners trying to figure out how small business loans work, an opportunity to learn the answer is right around the corner. The 52nd annual National Small Business Week is set to kick-off May 4 and run through May 8 to commemorate the crucial contributions America’s small businesses provide to the country and the world, according to MarketWatch. This year’s theme is “Dream Big, Start Small.” The national event provides a chance for small businesses to network with each other to create stronger coalitions and alliances in both the economic and social spheres.

In anticipation of this week-long affair, and in recognition of the millions of Americans employed by small businesses, President Obama released a statement celebrating the national event.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy,” the president said. “More than that, our small businesses represent what is best about America – that with hard work and ingenuity, anyone – no matter their background – can build a better future for themselves and their families.”

National Events

In light of National Small Business Week, multiple events are being held across the country highlighting small businesses and providing resources for business owners. Furthermore, these events also educate those involved or who wish to be involved with this bustling segment of the economy. In addition to encouraging networking, these conventions provide individuals with a chance to learn how to write a business plan, make sense of complex financial activities, secure a patent or simply understand any number of other business-related endeavors.

While seminars and conventions will be held across the country, some of the more highly publicized events will take place in Miami, Los Angeles, San Antonio, New York City and Washington D.C.
A convention will be held in Miami/Boca Raton on May 4 at the Office Depot, Inc HQ. At this event, small business owners and others will find panels on such topics as How to Find Funding for Small Businesses and How to Break Into a Supply Chain, in addition to speakers and interviews with prominent small business owners and journalists.

The next day, the events move to Los Angeles where additional panelists and speakers will discuss the contributions small businesses make to the economic well-being of local communities. After moving on from LA, San Antonio hosts the next day’s worth of activities and speakers. Following San Antonio, activities go to New York City, where attendees can visit a town hall meeting on entrepreneurship and a panel on social media.

The final day of National Small Business Week will be held in Washington D.C. This event will usher in the culmination of a live pitch competition for 15 entrepreneurs. The judges will award the $15,000 first-place prize based on the pitch’s potential in success, while second and third place finishers will receive $10,000 and $5,000, respectively.

In addition to these national conventions, Chambers of Commerce across the country will be hosting special events and naming small business of the year awards at luncheons and summits. These will focus on more localized aspects of that particular community’s economy. Interested parties should check with their city’s Chamber of Commerce for specific details.

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