Optimism Grows But Funding Still An Issue for Small Business


Confidence among small businesses has grown in 2013, according to Sage’s 2013 Business Index. About 65 percent of U.S. small businesses have faith in their current prospects, which is up 4.37 percentage points from the survey last year. Also, more respondents believe the economy is improving than last year and more owners are optimistic about the global economy.

Connie Certusi, general manager of the Sage Small Business Accounting Solutions business unit, described current sentiment to Fox Business.

“My opinion, based on what we’ve seen, is that this attitude speaks to the fact that the American Dream is still alive and well,” she said. “Small businesses believe that their source of success is through hard work themselves, as opposed to the government helping them out.”

Lack of support

Indeed, too much bureaucracy was one of the top reported challenges to American small businesses, with 58 percent agreeing that cutting governmental regulation or departments would help business confidence.

Many small businesses have lost faith in financing from banks and federal sources. Tighter lending from banks along with the federal government shutdown in October has rendered traditional sources for getting a small business loan an unreliable option. Owners, however, have remained resilient.

“Despite all the noise on the budget or health care or whatever, they’re focused on growing their businesses,” Certusi‚Äč said. “We are seeing, across the board, confidence is improving.”

Alternative lenders

Half of owners said they need to look at alternative sources of funding. When asked what kind, the majority indicated that they do not feel positive towards peer-to-peer lending and crowd-funding. However, obtaining a loan from an alternative lender remains a viable option. National Funding provides fast approvals and minimal paperwork. Small business owners can receive funding in as little as 24 hours. Owners should consult National Funding to learn about the variety of funding services.