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Small Business Payroll Loans

Finance & Lending

3 Situations Where A Payroll Loan Can Be Extremely Helpful

Running a business isn’t always easy or fun. There are times when keeping your company in the black is a real challenge. However, no matter what the obstacle a business owner faces, there are some responsibilities that should never be overlooked – like payroll. Paying your employees is must, no matter the situation. Unpaid employees […]

How to get email newsletter subscribers


3 Simple Tips To Convert Visitors Into Email Newsletter Subscribers

An email newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and let them know when certain promotions will be held. However, you can’t get the word out about your amazing products if no one subscribes to your newsletter. Luckily, there are many methods to bring in more subscribers. Here are a few […]

Inventory loans for small businesses

Managing Your Business

Inventory Financing – 4 Tips To Help You Get The Most From Your Loan

Every business that sells products must have inventory. Without it, you simply won’t make a profit. However, figuring out your inventory needs can be a challenge. You want to have enough so that you never need to tell a potential customer that you’re out of stock – these people could wind up visiting or buying […]

Create a small business survey


5 Steps To Creating An Effective Small Business Survey

Being passionate about your business, sadly, isn’t enough to keep it afloat. One in five businesses will fail in their first year, and only half last for 10 years. Two of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is investing in the wrong idea and failing to market it to the right audience. In fact, 42 percent of […]

Small business owner salary

Managing Your Business

How To Determine Your Salary As A Small Business Owner

Be your own boss; fill a need in your community; determine your income; pursue your passion – there are countless reasons that inspire people to run their own business. But regardless of what prompted a person to go the route of self-employment, there’s one thing every business owner must figure out: How much to pay […]

In The News

National Funding Appears on the Inc. 5000 List Five Times in a Row

National Funding makes Inc. magazine’s prestigious Inc. 5000 list five consecutive years reporting 185% growth from 2013 – 2016 for the new 2017 list. SAN DIEGO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–National Funding, one of the country’s leading financial technology companies for small and medium-sized businesses, ranked as one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies on two prestigious lists. […]

Business loans for entrepreneurs

Lending & Finance

2 Obstacles Entrepreneurs Face When Securing Small Business Loans

There are a few basic things that any entrepreneur needs to start a new business, like time, lots of hard work and commitment, to name a few. Another universal need that shouldn’t be overlooked is money. To get the funds necessary to keep your business moving forward, you’ll more than likely need to secure a […]

Business insurance for small businesses

Managing Your Business

Do You Need Business Insurance When Starting Or Growing A Company?

Starting a small business always comes with a little bit of risk. Your venture may not pan out as planned, or it may take more time than expected to turn a profit. These risks are unavoidable, and every business owner must contend with them. Then there are other risks, like an employee who gets injured, […]

3 Different Types of Small Business Lenders

Finance & Lending

3 Types of Funding Options for Small Business Expansion

When you began your business, it was small; most are for the first few years. But now that you’ve gained customers and market share, you’re feeling it’s time to expand. This is a normal part of business life, yet a challenge for many small business owners. Expanding your business takes careful planning. Perhaps you need a new […]

How to create an email marketing campaign


Create An Email Marketing Campaign Your Audience Will Want To Read

Email marketing is a tried and true way to speak directly to your company’s biggest fans. If they’re on your email list, they’ve already connected with you in some way or another – perhaps they made a purchase, created an account or simply signed up for your newsletter. However, just because the people on your […]

Payroll loans

Finance & Lending

How A Payroll Loan Can Help Support A Small Business

Starting a small business is exciting and challenging at the same time. For many newly opened businesses in the U.S., the first one or two years will be filled with obstacles, but most will overcome them. However, many small businesses struggle to find continued success past their fifth anniversary. About half will close within five […]

How to use live chat software in sales


How To Use Live Chat Software To Improve Small Business Sales

When your customers have a question – whether it’s about your offerings, a small detail of a product or the sales process itself – giving them a prompt answer might be the difference between a sale and a lost prospect. Unfortunately, many online retailers find that the final step in the sales process – making the […]