Signs Your Social Media Presence Isn’t Working


These days, everyone and their mother has a social media page. Whether your business is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or all three, there’s a lot you can do to make your content creative and engaging for your audience. Business owners have many things to worry about on a day-to-day basis, including finding working capital following the recession, but social media shouldn’t be taken lightly in comparison. Many businesses find that expanding their network on social media has great benefits for the bottom line, but a poor online marketing strategy can be a tough sell to your followers. Here are some of the signs that your social media presence may be lackluster:

Inconsistent posting

To keep your audience intrigued and to attract more followers or customers, your business social media pages need to be posting regular content consistently. In many cases, the more content your business has, the better it will do. However, that doesn’t mean that all random content will be good for your readers, and over-posting can actually have an adverse effect by driving away more consumers. Instead, make sure that it is relevant and interesting to your audience and aim for a couple of good posts a few times per week.

Posting the wrong content

As mentioned before, not all content is good content. While you want to have your business page updated regularly, it needs to be the right content for your audience. In the past, the more businesses posted, the better they did on search engines. However, with so many businesses online, the competition has upped the ante, so to speak. Try to post content that is relevant to your business’ industry and something that your followers will want to read, share or return to again.

Not responding

One big reason businesses have an online presence is to actively engage with their consumers or others in the industry. This means getting involved when people write on the page or post comments. If there are customer complaints or concerns, they need to be addressed on the site. Responding to every comment is very important, otherwise consumers feel like they can’t communicate well with the business. Furthermore, social media is one of the most preferred methods for communication with a brand.

The audience isn’t growing

While you want to post content and have an online presence to drive business, it’s easy to tell if your strategy is working. If your audience isn’t growing in size or you see it declining, you may need to rethink what you’re posting.

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