Small Business Owners Increasing Digital Marketing Efforts


Small business owners who want to bolster online marketing efforts to improve their Internet presence and attract new customers may want to consider taking out a small business loan or merchant cash advance to assist them with their marketing endeavors and the subsequent expenses.

Staples poll shows small business social media growth

According to a new survey released by Staples, more small business owners are seeing the benefits of having a strong social media presence. Entrepreneurs admitted they yearned for an extensive base of fans for their Facebook business page, more than they wished for an endorsement by a celebrity or a Super Bowl ad.

Although more classic modes of advertising still have their place, entrepreneurs acknowledged how quickly social media marketing can spread brand awareness and bolster business.

The Staples poll showed 61 percent of small business owners use at least one social media channel. Facebook and LinkedIn are the two most commonly used social media channels among small business owners, with Twitter following closely behind.

About 40 percent of respondents said they believed using social media marketing improved their business; 50 percent said they used it to engage with customers and fans, 46 percent said they used it to help increase sales, and 44 percent said they used it with the end goal of raising brand awareness.

Many small business owners need more social media training, access to tools

Even though more small businesses are interested in utilizing online networking sites, the poll also found many owners are unsure of how to do this or lack the tools necessary to launch a successful online strategy.

To educate themselves, some entrepreneurs are opting to take social media classes. One example of this is JM Internet Group – a company that is offering social media training classes online to small business owners for $300 per person.

Although more enterprises are recognizing digital marketing is essential, the expenses accrued from taking social media classes and using digital marketing tools may add up.

To help several small businesses afford online marketing tools, Staples is awarding three businesses with $50,000 to fuel their digital marketing strategy as part of the company’s social media strategy. As most companies will not be fortunate enough to win this type of award but will still need financing for marketing, small business owners can contact National Funding to acquire the finances necessary to optimize their online marketing.

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