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09 12 2014

09 12 2014

Small Business Owners Turn Away From Big Bank Financing

A recent report revealed female small business owners have faced difficulty getting loans for their companies. The impact of the recession left an economy with stricter lending conditions, making it harder for small businesses to receive financing to grow. Many news sources have reported that women business owners are facing these challenges more so than men. Reportedly, part of the problem is a lack of confidence for borrowing.

As small businesses are largely considered the backbone of America, employing a large portion of working Americans, it is essential they find the necessary financing. Lacking confidence in big banks has seemingly not hurt the economy. However, as many indicators have proven, the recovery is still strong. On Aug. 26, the S&P 500 closed above 2,000 points for the first time, which will likely bring up confidence among small business owners.

Fortunately, alternative lending has stepped in to fill the void for small business owners around the country over the last few years. As small businesses employ millions of Americans, it is essential that they find the funding they need. Getting a working capital loan is possible for many companies who may not be able to get approved through big banks. For a small business to apply for a working capital loan, it is crucial to have all financial records prepared and well organized for review.