Small Businesses Are Borrowing More


Small business borrowing in November hit new highs, increasing year over year, according to a recent joint PayNet and Reuters report.

“It’s another sign of continued expansion,” Bill Phelan, founder of PayNet, said to Reuters. Small businesses “are seeing more demand for goods and services, and that’s all good for GDP.”

Businesses are borrowing more for expansion and for equipment financing. It is possible that hiring will also boost as companies grow.

The Thomson Reuters/PayNet Small Business Lending Index has often predicted market behavior up to two quarters in advance, and this report suggests growth and revenues. In other words, the market is optimistic. Reuters reported Ben Bernanke, outgoing U.S. Fed Chairman, has already said that the Fed would begin reducing their stimulus of the economy in January, and it might even phase out the cash injection into the economy by the end of 2014. That means that the agency has confidence that the economy is going to enter a growth period to sustain itself outside of fiscal intervention. Companies are capitalizing on this now, while interest rates are low.

Additionally, The Thomson Reuters/PayNet Small Business Delinquency Index indicates that small businesses have become willing to take on more risk. Delinquencies have risen slightly from what had been record lows. Delinquencies of 31 to 180 days have risen to 1.45 percent of all loans, up from 1.44 in October.

However, the Credit Union Times has recently suggested that it can be hard for small businesses to get loans from banks. The loaning industry started to reject many more applications after the recession, and it is still rejecting a large number today.

With all of this confidence and willingness to take on risk, it may be time to seek a business cash advance. A new way to receive money is through alternative business loans. For example, if a bank won’t lend out money, an alternative lender like National Funding may offer loans up to 150,000 dollars, and the money can be directly deposited into your account within 24 hours. The application is simple to follow, available online, and without obligation. There are a variety of loan repayment options.

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