Why Small Businesses Can’t Ignore Mobile Technology Anymore


Small businesses can no longer ignore the pressing importance of mobile technology, a new study has confirmed. As many small business experts would agree, the surge in mobile device purchase and use over the past several years has launched the technology to the forefront of personal and professional realms alike, making it vital to small business success.

According to the Sage SMB Survey on Mobile Devices, which polled 1,090 small and midsized business owners in the U.S., respondents consistently reaped the benefits of mobile technology. Nearly three quarters of participants – 70 percent – said mobile technology had the greatest impact on their business in terms of improving customer service, and 32 percent said mobile technology has been instrumental in helping carry out operations under the threat of impending weather challenges.

“The Sage Mobile Device Survey shows that mobile technology makes doing business easier, empowers superior customer service and increases productivity,” Joe Langner, executive vice president and general manager of mid market solutions for Sage North America, said. “With important business functions like customer contact being conducted primarily on mobile devices, business owners are finding ways to take advantage of technology and are seeing mobility make a true impact on their business.”

Furthermore, the study found mobile devices helped 20 percent of companies carry out meetings remotely, and 21 percent of respondents said mobile technology has been essential in bringing in more business to their organizations.

Despite the fact that the majority of business owners surveyed cited increasing benefits of utilizing mobile technology, the survey found that a surprisingly low number of businesses were properly budgeting for mobile. Just 12 percent said they established a yearly budget and adjusted capital expenditure to manage mobile technology.

One reason why some business owners may not be budgeting for mobile is a lack of small business working capital. Those interested in gaining access to small business loans should contact National Funding to find out more.

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