Small Businesses Experience Revenue Losses from Bad Data Backup


Technology infrastructure is crucial to today’s small businesses due to the growing importance of big data and the streamlined effect the latest tech equipment can have on business processes. However, a recent survey shows many businesses are struggling with data programs and have experienced lost revenues as a result, suggesting entrepreneurs can greatly benefit from contacting an equipment leasing company to upgrade their technological capabilities.

Data backup pains translate to lost revenue

According to a recent survey from GFI Software, data backup has proved to be a thorn in the side of many a small business, with inefficient processes leading to missed revenue opportunities, the loss of sensitive records, and a negative perception of the business among consumers.

Data loss contributes to a number of problems for small businesses, yet many find themselves constricted in respects to improving data practices. While many cited data backup as being too time consuming, 10 percent of IT respondents said they had too much data for their current systems to accommodate. Others pointed to a lack of resources and available efficient infrastructure.

Some of the most telling survey responses detailing the negative effects of bad data backup and recovery include: “[the loss of data] caused weeks of problems with clients” and “we lost records pertinent to our organization that were unable to be duplicated and had to be reinvented.”

“A company’s data is essential to its day-to-day operations and, ultimately, to the success of the business,” said Andy Langsam, general manager at GFI Software IASO. “As such, organizations need to be able to rely upon secure backup solutions that are cost-effective and efficient. Speed is the No. 1 factor IT administrators said they wish they could improve about their current backup process.”

More than half of respondents said they wished their data programs were quicker, perhaps indicating such respondents can stand to gain from leasing the latest technology through an equipment leasing company. Such a strategy could be beneficial to the 14 percent who said their systems were too costly.

“It doesn’t matter whether an organization is backing up its data on-premise, virtually or to the cloud,” Langsam said. “Backing up critical systems and applications on a large number of machines within an organization on a daily basis needs to be a fast process that does not impede workplace productivity or impact operational efficiency.”

In order to shore up their tech infrastructure to handle modern requirements for data backup, small business owners can contact National Funding about equipment financing options to procure the latest technology.

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