Small Businesses Getting A Better Handle On Economy, Health Care


Since last year, factors identified as major risks to small business owners have become less pressing. According to an annual survey by The Hartford, fewer owners were concerned about economic issues this fall than during the same time last year. For example, while 53 percent of owners considered health care costs to be a “major risk” to their business in 2012, only 40 percent felt the same way this year.

Last year, 67 percent of small business owners cited concern about slow economic growth and 59 percent felt high taxes could threaten their businesses. Both those numbers declined this year, coming to 59 percent and 42 percent, respectively. Furthermore, uncertainty with federal regulations, an issue noted by 56 percent of small business owners in 2012, was cited by only 30 percent this year.

Nearly half of small business owners – 48 percent – are optimistic the economy will strengthen next year, which is up from 33 percent in 2012.

Health care coverage

Although fewer small business owners considered health care costs to be a “major risk” to their success, many felt the expenses could affect their bottom line. The Hartford study found 42 percent of small businesses do not currently offer benefits to full-time employees, while 36 percent share costs with workers. With new health care legislation coming into effect, many small businesses may need to add coverage next year. This could prompt some owners to re-evaluate their budgets or business plans.

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