Small Businesses May Bolster Growth with Energy Savings


More small business owners may want to consider taking out a merchant cash advance or small business loan to make their facilities more energy efficient. According to a small business index completed by Office Depot, entrepreneurs are showing interest in becoming environmentally conscious. The survey found that out of 1,000 small business owners polled, 36 percent said they would not mind paying a higher price for equipment that is greener as long as it saved them money in energy costs over the long haul. In addition, 34 percent of respondents said they are looking to become more environmentally sustainable this year.

Energy-efficient equipment may reduce overall operation costs

As steadily rising energy costs cause utility bills to become more expensive, small business owners have sought out new ways to reduce these payments by updating their businesses to be more energy efficient. According to Yalmaz Siddiqui, Office Depot’s senior director of environmental strategy, using eco-friendly equipment that comes with a higher price tag, such as ENERGY STAR laptops or compact fluorescent light bulbs, benefits the company in the long run with savings in electricity bills. As a result of the long-term savings, small businesses may want to consider securing a merchant cash advance to overhaul their operations to make them more environmentally friendly.

Business growth in the cards

Small businesses may also want to consider pursuing a merchant cash advance to expand their enterprise. According to a recent Manta survey, small businesses experienced a strong first quarter this year, and about eight out of 10 entrepreneurs that were polled claimed they anticipated a strong second quarter as well. In addition, a new study released by Sure Payroll Inc. – a company that provides payroll solutions to small businesses – revealed despite a lack of hiring activity, small-business owners’ outlook is remaining positive as optimism reached 69 percent, a 10 percent increase from two months ago.

Small businesses that do not have the proper funding to build upon face great obstacles when expanding their company, but obtaining quick financing may help cash flow problems. A cash advance can help a small business follow through with their goal of expansion and update their operations. As working capital loans and cash advances provide financial solutions to small business owners, entrepreneurs ready to pursue growth may want to contact National Funding to learn about their financing options.

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