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08 29 2013

08 29 2013

Study Shows Small Business Owners Struggle with Tech Marketing

According to a new report, small business owners are increasingly turning to new technology to help build their brand and expand business. The study, conducted by Infusionsoft, surveyed nearly 1,200 small businesses around the country and found they employ widely different strategies in their sales and marketing strategies when it comes to using emerging technology.

Many small businesses are struggling to find their footing with new advancements in sales and marketing, including technology. Greg Head, chief marketing officer of Infusionsoft, commented on the findings.

“The data shows small businesses need better education on how to select and use technology, and they still feel somewhat lost on finding the right solution for their specific needs,” Head said.

The study found that most entrepreneurs spend around $1,000 on marketing per month – some use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to brand their businesses, while others take their social marketing efforts to YouTube and other media outlets.

Despite the growing number of companies using  these technologies, study results showed most small business owners struggle to find the right sales and marketing tools. The study separated respondents into four categories based on their technology use: strivers, customizers, maximizers and supporters.

The study found customizers have the most positive results when asked about their progress in selecting the right marketing and sales tools. Still, 53 percent of these respondents reported they needed help in this area.

Strivers actively look for new technologies to help them meet the challenge of improving sales and marketing techniques, and reported the highest percentage of respondents struggling with marketing – 78 percent of these respondents said they needed help in creating automated sales and improving marketing processes.

If a company needs help adapting to new technology-driven marketing, they can come to National Funding for assistance. National Funding provides equipment financing and leasing for small business owners who are looking to expand and use more technology.


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