Summer is No Time to Relax for Business Owners, New Study Finds


For many, summer is the time of year to take a few days off to relax – not so for business owners, a new study has found. A recent survey conducted by Office Depot, Inc. found that a large percentage of entrepreneurs do not have the means or support systems in place to go on holiday this year.

According to the Small Business Index, one third of small and medium business owners will not be able to take time off during 2014’s warmer months. And despite the fact that a vacation may not be the priority for some, there is great value in removing oneself from the daily grind, said Steve Calkins, executive vice president of the business solutions division at Office Depot.

“For the millions of dedicated small business owners who continue to burn the midnight oil and put in long hours day in and day out, the much awaited summer vacation provides a crucial opportunity to recharge and refresh,” Calkins said in a statement.

Those who will be taking time off said they would be able to do so with the help of technology and strong staff. Thirty two percent of respondents said technology that can keep them connected to their businesses remotely would allow them to take a summer vacation this year, and 35 percent said trustworthy staff who could cover for them while they are away enabled them to do the same.

Technology continues to make its mark on business, allowing entrepreneurs to expand their organizations and take well deserved breaks from the office by checking in remotely. This equipment can be costly, making it difficult for some to afford, and more difficult yet to take a break from the world of business. Those interested in technology should explore their IT equipment lease options from lenders like National Funding, who can provide greater ease of access to high ranking business equipment.

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