Survey Reveals Different Types of Business Owners and Optimism Rates Among Entrepreneurs


Despite the considerable challenges they face each day, 36 percent of small business owners recently reported high levels of optimism, a study found. According to the Infusionsoft 2014 Small Business Market Survey, which gathered survey data from a combination of roughly half Infusionsoft customers and half who do not use the company’s services, many small business owners are feeling positive about the overall state of their organizations.

Survey reveals different types of business owners

The survey separated business owners into four categories: individuals driven by freedom, passion, hard work, or financial security. Around 26 percent of Infusionsoft customers and 21 percent of other small business owners said that “small business is about freedom,” emphasizing a need to merge their businesses with the lifestyle they desire. These types of business owners may have launched a company to gain a new level of autonomy over their lives and to free themselves from corporate jobs in which their needs were pushed aside.

Those driven by passion had other characteristics in common – they tend to be optimistic, focused on consumers and altruistic, considering themselves to be creative and innovative thinkers and true entrepreneurs. Approximately 91 percent of those respondents who fit into this category said “doing what they love” is important to them. Just over a third of Infusionsoft customers fell into the passion driven category, and just 15 percent of general small business owners said they were driven by passion.

Around a quarter of survey respondents said they were driven by hard work. These business owners said owning a company is about working hard each day. While they may be right, they’re unfortunately not very happy. Rather, the survey found these individuals tend to feel challenged, concerned, unappreciated, afflicted, and apprehensive.

The last category – financial security – housed the most survey participants. Around 40 percent of respondents who are not Infusionsoft customers identified themselves as business owners driven by financial security. These entrepreneurs said “small business is about financial security,” while 15 percent of Infusionsoft customers said the same.

Overall, 72 percent of business owners said they understood that finding success as entrepreneurs “requires acumen, focus, and insight.” What the survey didn’t report on, however, were the financial struggles many business owners face on a daily basis. As hardworking or passionate as an entrepreneur may be, success in business often comes down to gaining access to working capital. Those interested in finding out more about their financial options can contact National Funding and speak to a professional today.

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