Take Small Steps To Enhance Your Online Presence


Between getting working capital for your business and the host of other responsibilities you need to focus on, something like your online presence can easily fall by the wayside. However, if you’re anything like the majority of other small business owners, chances are you know how important your Internet footprint is to success.

A recent survey from Communicate Socially found nearly 50 percent of small business owners said they should do more to reach and attract customers online. Only 27 percent said there was probably nothing more they could do, and only 8 percent were definite their job was finished.

With so many spinning plates, it’s no surprise that many small business owners are open to the idea of bringing in outside help to enhance online presence.

More than one-third (39 percent) of business owners and managers recognized the need for professional help in order to make the most out of their Internet visibility. The majority of this demographic believe it would be a process they would be a part of, as opposed to handing the reins over completely to outsiders or office staff.

However, taking out a small business loan in order to hire online experts likely isn’t a part of most small businesses budgets. With that in mind, it might be a good idea for business owners and their staff to focus on easy, affordable ways to make themselves better known in the online world.

For the price of free

Traditional advertising, from billboards and bus stop benches to radio and television, cost money. However, social media isn’t traditional advertising.

Small businesses can sign up for free Facebook and Twitter accounts to get themselves out there, meaning your first foray into the online world doesn’t have to cost you a penny.

Keeping it casual

While the price is right for social media presence, small businesses need to keep in mind that being overly promotional on these platforms can backfire. Social media is all about starting a conversation and engaging consumers, not hammering them over the head with ads.

In the end, posting a funny picture people will share or asking a question that will get potential customers thinking can be a better move than touting today’s special offer.

Think local

Jumping online and assuming you can compete with the biggest brands isn’t smart strategy. Instead, as a small business, you should try to find your niche locally. Supporting local small businesses has become a priority for consumers in recent years, so try to focus your online presence in your immediate area to generate business from the community.

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