Technology Increasingly Important to Small Business Owners


IT equipment leasing could be on the rise in the very near future, as a recent report highlights how important technology is to small business.

“More than ever, small businesses rely on technology to make more happen every day,” Alison Corcoran, senior vice president of North American stores and online for Staples, said in a recent press release.

Staples surveyed 510 small business owners and found that email ranks as the No.1 software tool for running a business at 47 percent. Meanwhile, financial management software came in at 29 percent. The Staples Small Business Owners Survey also discovered that the computer is the most crucial piece of office equipment for 71 percent of owners.

Reliance on technology is only likely to increase, as many small business owners said they were hoping to boost efficiency this autumn by focusing on marketing and advertising (28 percent), cash flow management (26 percent) and social media use (26 percent) – all priorities that either require or can be streamlined by technology. Besides improving efficiency, small business owners also want to increase profits through the use of promotional marketing (26 percent), developing social media (21 percent) and managing inventory better (14 percent).

With 96 percent of small business owners involved in purchasing products for their operation, the chance to improve efficiency and increase profits shouldn’t be too difficult if owners know where to start.

One option that can help with both goals is equipment leasing.

Equipment leasing to boost performance and bottom lines

First and foremost, no small business will be able to run efficiently if it doesn’t have the proper equipment. Leasing options give small business owners a chance to obtain the tools they need without having to spend large amounts of cash out of pocket.

This alternative to buying equipment can also help owners preserve their working capital. Put simply, leasing instead of buying preserves more cash, and having this money on hand is essential for small businesses to stay flexible and secure in today’s market. Even better, leasing comes with numerous tax saving benefits business owners would not be eligible for if they purchased equipment outright. All this comes together to result in healthier bottom lines.

With no down payments, same-day approvals and virtually no limitations on the types of equipment that can be leased, small business owners who find themselves relying more on technology can rest easy.

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